pilot, logbook, log book, log, aviation, journal, aircraft, logbook

For most pilots their logbook is more than just a record of flight time. Beyond its use to meet regulatory commitments a pilot’s logbook is a diary of flights and memories. It reflects an individual pilots achievments, adventures and history. Whether a professional or a recreational pilot it is the logbook that stores those precious moments. From the first flight through the first solo to the private licence to that first really long trip and, perhaps, to that first type rating on a large jet, the logbook documents a pilots career and milestones.


So why is it so difficult to find a good, high quality logbook? Why is there not a logbook on the market today that combines a crisp, professional layout with high quality paper and bound in extremely high quality leather?


There is now. Tired of poor logbooks we decided to design and publish our own. We started by looking for a traditional bookbinder. Someone that could bind a book from leather that would last. We then designed a layout that would be useful and flexible to the professional pilot but would serve a recreational pilot just as well. Finally we found a printer capable of producing a top quality print on quality paper. Our goal: to produce a logbook of the highest quality, worthy of your use and one that would, quite literally, become a family heirloom.

pilot, logbook, log book, log, aviation, journal, aircraft, logbook


Most logbook are bound from cloth over cardboard or from PATENT or GENUINE PATENT leather. Both are poor substitutes for what we were looking for. In fact, those GENUINE PATENT leathers are simply extremely thin ‘paper’ leather glued onto cardboard.


Our logbook is bound from true leather by a bookbinder trained in the English traditions of bookbinding. It is SMYTH SEWN and stitched to last, literally, centuries. The spine will not crack, the cover will not twist and the pages will not pull out.

pilot, logbook, log book, log, aviation, journal, aircraft, logbook


Printed on 80lb Williamsburg Offset white paper ink will not run and will not show through to the opposite side. Acid free, the paper is designed to last as long as the book itself.

pilot, logbook, log book, log, aviation, journal, aircraft, logbook


The log pages were designed to keep the tradition logging information but to provide more flexibility. Our log has the customary Date, Aircraft, Pilots, Route and Remarks sections. The first change you will notice is the removal of many of the columns that were useful only for specific flight (i.e.instructor, cross country, float). The Single Engine, Multi Engine and Instrument columns are all still there, however, the last 5 columns are now blank. They allow the pilot to log what is important to him: crosscountry, float, turbine, jet, over 12500, landing/takeoffs, miles flown -the list is endless.


Each page is 8.5 by 9 inches and allows for 20 entries.


Our logbook also has pages for logging aircraft flown, type ratings, recency and profiency requirements as well as having a 10 year summery section.